School of Kind Business

For introverts, quiet kind folks, and other un-salesy solo entrepreneurs who want to make a rewarding living.

A joyful, creative + practical, get-it-done curriculum for service providers. Our aim is to help the helpers plan, price and market, so you can feel supported while you do your good work. You get to focus on making this world village a kinder place. We've got your back.
School of Kind Business

If you're like us, you love what you do, and you love to help.

You also probably want to earn a sustainable living for yourself, and your family. And maybe you've worried that you don't have the skills or the personality to run a successful business, one that is as kind to you as it is to your clients. 

If you are: 

~not earning 'enough'

~tired of feeling stressed and tired

~mildly allergic to marketing & sales

~confused, overwhelmed, and not sure you have the resources it takes

~just plain lonely doing this alone, then. . .

We hope you will take heart in hearing this. After 20 years' entrepreneurship, we've learned:

~marketing can simply be telling a story to some folks who've gathered 'round to hear, 

~sales should be an unstressful, yes/no question for the people who already know and trust you, 

~pricing can be sustainable, and be accessible to more people than you might think,

~it's essential to create a business structure that suits your lifestyle, you are meant to enjoy this, 

~and success is mostly about showing up every day, with the right tools and systems, and doing the work to solve a problem for real people. . .

~with your innate creative genius guiding the process, of course!

You won't have to be aggressive, sales-y, gimmicky, a social butterfly, or use language you wouldn't normally use. In fact, we wildly discourage all of that.

Nor do you have to suffer through 'not enough' time, energy, well-being or money, to do work that is meaningful.

You can be quiet, gentle and kind, and still run a successful business.

If you're good at what you do and have been putting in the hours, but just don't seem to have enough people coming through the literal or online door, the odds are that it's not you: it's your business structure.

Structuring your business to be kind to you is so do-able.

Our core 5-week, sweetly-supported, online program helps you build a resilient, sustainable container for your good work. 

We take you through a series of practical, get-it-done exercises that tap your innate creativity. You'll have feedback from an instructor and/or fellow students who get it. When you complete the exercises, you’ll have your own Kind Business Plan™--pricing, packages, a sample give-away, a bag full of marketing ideas-- and a to-do list for tackling them in a non-overwhelming way. 

And the best part is: your open heart, inner knowing, and desire for a kinder world--along with all your other unique qualities and skills--will lead the way. 

You can be yourself, and build a structure for your business that is kind to your clients, sustainable for you, and earns enough.

Does this resonate?

Check out our core curriculum here. What you can accomplish in 5 weeks might surprise you. (Or you can go to our Courses page to check out all the options, including some shorter, budget-friendly courses in Pricing, Creating Packages & Products, and Kind Marketing.)
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