A Price that is Kind to You & Your Clients

  • What You Need

    What do you need to be truly nourished? To pay your personal and business expenses and have a bit of joy? What is sustainable in the LONGTERM?

  • How You Feel

    Find some neutral ground around money, and then re-focus on nourishment, 'enough', and the balance of contributing/partaking.

  • Your Enough Price

    This is the fair trade amount to sustain you and your family. Sustainability is kind to your clients because it means your unique work won't disappear from the world.

If you aren't earning 'enough' yet, investing a bit of money and a few hours of time into financial clarity is invaluable.

Making It Simple

I'm not going to bore you into skepticism with a sales page talking about some secret that lets you earn 6 figures by next Tuesday. Ugh.

Here's how you know you're in the right place:

If you'd love to earn an 'enough,' sustainable living for you and your family. If you're not interested in becoming the next corrupt billionaire, you just want a fair exchange that is kind to you AND to your clients. If it would be relieving to do your work -solve the problems your are good at solving for people, help them, delight them- without worrying if you are getting the money part right. If you are curious, courageous and kind.

If you're reading this, you might be:

~not earning enough (and all the feels that go with that)

~new to business or re-working your current business

~deeply frustrated with the 'business' aspect of the work you love to do 

~shuddering slightly at words like 'math' or 'spreadsheets'

~in a situation where you need to earn more income than you did before

~in need of help with pricing, but disgusted by all the hard sell, unrealistic pricing gimmicks you've seen out there (I feel you)

~struggling to find a balance between earning a reasonable living, and making your services accessible to enough people (because you are a kind human who feels the inequities in the world)

~a wellness practitioner, facilitator, guide, teacher, healer, helper, creative, introvert, sensitive type, service-provider

You may have tried:

~guessing at prices for your services

~going with 'market research' or charging the same as your colleagues

~trading time for money (i.e. 1 hour of massage = $90). Yup you read that right, there are other ways.

~constant sales or promotions on your one-to-one work

~'Pay What You Can' or 'By Donation' for your events

~supplementing your income with awkward schemes or uncomfortable collaborations

~various sales, pricing, marketing or other courses that were supposed to help you earn more, but ended up making you feel icky

And why do I imagine you might have tried those things? 

Because I know I have. In my various entrepreneurial lives as an artist, a holistic practitioner, IT Staffing partner, contractor, business mentor-- I've had occasion to do it all.

But really, the worst experience I remember is wanting to do the work you're good at doing, and feeling scared, anxious, or even ashamed that you can't seem to earn enough.

There are two things I practice that have given me more freedom & space around money (and I say 'practice' because I don't see it as an absolute, now-you-have-arrived thing, it's a journey):

~The Practical: Clarity. Courageously, fiercely, calculating my expenses and fair trade price, breathing that in, making a plan, doing it. 

~The Practice: 'Money Neutrality.' Using journal writing, imaginative visualization, creative practices & conversation to acknowledge the guilt, shame, confusion or other challenge that comes up around money for a sensitive human living in an economic system that often does harm. And choosing to focus on my contribution, grateful partaking, and 'enough.'

That's why I made this little course, and made it as affordable as I could. I want to help you take some giant steps forward toward earning a fair trade living, so you can feel nourished by what you are doing, in ALL the ways.

And I have a selfish reason, too: the world needs all the helpers, helping. And for that to be sustainable, the helpers have to be supported. I want your good work to SUPPORT you, so you can keep doing it and make the world I inhabit a kinder place to be.

Clarity, Math, a Plan, and Relief

Maybe you never thought you'd see 'math' and 'relief' in the same sentence. Fair enough. But the truth will set you free. Getting unstuck starts with knowing your numbers, and doing some (surprising) calculations, so you can make a plan. 

In 3-4 hours, over 3 days or in an afternoon; typing on your laptop in bed or writing it out in the pretty workbook at your favourite coffee shop; you will:

~Re-frame some essential ideas around money and practice 'money neutrality'

~Get courageously clear on your current, real-world business & personal expenses; as well as your 'Wouldn't It Be Nice, Dream a Little' expenses, using done-for-you templates.

~Learn a (possibly surprising) formula that will effectively change how you do pricing. 

~Figure out the price you need to charge to run a sustainable business, that earns you ENOUGH for quality food, clothing, shelter, education, wellness care + some joy.

~Leverage the energy of the fears and anxieties that come up, into creative planning that meets your financial goals

~Generate unique-to-you pricing guidelines that you can keep coming back to and iterating as your business evolves. The work you do here is the gift that keeps on giving. 

You'll also get support at our monthly Q & A Study Hall sessions, which you are invited to attend for 90 days after you register in the course.

What's Different About This Course 

Well, for one thing, the underlying assumption of 'enough': it's not about unfettered growth, or double-6-figures because that apparently *should* be the goal. 

In the big picture, it's about sovereignty in our own work, and trusting that to take us into a sustainable interdependence with our clients and the world's resources.

But also, a few practical things are different:

~We acknowledge the ideas and emotions that often arise around money & receiving support. We address and practice things like self-nourishment, contribution, sustainability, 'enough', and grateful partaking. We aim for money neutrality.

~We combine the convenience of Self-Study with the sweet support of our Monthly Q & A Study Hall sessions. It's an Introvert's Paradise but the Extroverts still get to  pass notes in Study Hall :)

~We've made the templates and outlined all the calculations for you, line-by-line. So even if you don't like math: we've got you. And the workbook is really pretty, too!


One Last Thing: Who Should Not Buy This Course

Look, if you've made it this far, I doubt this is you. 

But in case it needs saying, this little course won't be a fit if:

~You don't have time to do the exercises. Part of the philosophy of 'enough' is not buying what we won't use, and not being pack rats on our computer desk tops. 

~Your prices are mandated by a governing body, and there's no room to get creative or invent other streams of service.

~You expect or need instant results. You will get clarity on your pricing, but it may take time and experimentation to implement.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out:  pamela@schoolofkindbusiness.com

But if you've read this page and it feels good in your body, this is kind of a no-brainer, for the price. Even if you get nothing else from the course, you'll get pretty templates to impress your accountant next year :) 

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