Good~for~the~heart~and~handbag Mini Marketing Re-Set Course

Hello! I’m Pamela Alexander and I’m the Head Instructor and Maker-of-all-the-Stuff at the School of Kind Business. My aim is to help the helpers so that you can feel supported while you do your good work.

In our circles, Marketing has gotten a bad name, I think, but really, Marketing is just about connecting with the people we can help.

It’s telling our stories to the people who will be helped by hearing them. Marketing makes us visible, as we do the work that matters, for people who appreciate it. Marketing invites us to grow and nurture meaningful online and IRL neighbourhoods. 

Because it's about connecting and storytelling, most of us are already doing some marketing-type stuff, intuitively. We just need to name it, and be more intentional and systematic about it.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of small business marketing advice out there that feels formulaic and impersonal and even icky

All those fill-in-the-blank launches, webinars and email sequences are starting to break all of our hearts. It feels. . . 'off'. Kind of hollow. And lonely. Even when it comes from the most well-intentioned source.

So much more is possible! 

I believe Marketing can – and should be – an expression of kindness. Of relating as if we are kin.

I want to give you ways of marketing by being in your business. 

By showing up as your ordinary extraordinary self, with all your thoughtfulness, open-heartedness, empathy, and desire for a kinder, more connected-feeling worldI want to give you some fresh air ideas of what Marketing can look and feel like. 

(And what it can feel like? Done right: Joyful Creativity. Connection. Service. Truly.)

If your work is about helping people in any way, I want you to be marketing it in effective ways that feel good. I want you to be transparent. I want more people to find you. I want the right people to benefit from your work. And I want you to be kindly compensated for all that you give.


SKB offers a free Kind Marketing course that you can start today.

This mini course – Sweet and Simple Ways to Attract New Clients With Kindness– is six days long (so you have a day off to rest at the end of the week), and you’ll receive a different Kind Marketing assignment from us by email every day for a week.

There are no long videos to watch, and the longest note is the first one it should take just 5 minutes to read slowly. (I timed it.) The assignments are simple and effective, and if you complete them, by the end of the week, I am certain you will have hit the re-set button on your marketing habits. Plus, you'll have the attention of a broader circle of prospective clients so you begin attracting exactly the kinds of clients you want: the ones who want to support you, the ones who ‘get’ how much your work matters.

We've set this up so there’s nothing to lose, and no commitment unless you want that. You sign up for our email list, you do the course (or part of it, up to you), and if you don’t resonate with the course, or you do, but after completing you want to unsubscribe: easy peasy, clickety click.

If you’re curious about how marketing can feel different in your body, you’re in the right place.

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