Be Yourself, Work Well, Earn Enough

  • BE YOURSELF, and Succeed

    Your spidey senses, open heart, good listening skills, and longing for a kinder world will help you build a more sustainable business (You don't need to be aggressive, loud, or anything else you're not)

  • Earn ENOUGH, Plus

    Figure out pricing that is accessible to the right clients, builds resilience into your business, and earns ENOUGH, whatever that means for you

  • Sustainable Systems = LESS SELLING

    Create offerings and systems that filter in your ideal clients and delight them. Find the people you can help. Listen, share, build trust, ask them to hire you. Relief.

For the 'Self Starter'. There's no group running at this moment but you can learn on your laptop, anywhere, anytime. It's a super deal, too.

Welcome. We're so glad you found us.

Get comfy, grab some tea. This is about our story, your service-based business, and why you might want to sign up for SKB: or not.

In about 20 years of being an entrepreneur, I (Pamela, or PJ) have had many moments where the cash flow is a barely-trickling stream. There have been times when my partner was able to fill the gaps abundantly, and other times when his stream of income was reduced, too. When those moments happen, my fears about money and safety and being able to take care of my wellbeing come screaming to the forefront.  It’s not just about money. It feels vulnerable, and sometimes shameful—like I’m not pulling my weight in this world, or showing up the way I could. And definitely sad.

Do you work too much and earn less than enough?

Also, it’s exhausting. I have wondered: How could I be working so hard, so long, with so much heart and still not be making it? 

I have a feeling, if you’ve found your way to this page, you might be able to relate.

Or, if you're just getting started, you might wonder how you're ever going to make it?

The thing is: worrying about that, or hitting the wall of ‘just barely enough’ can be a useful thing. It can make you ask yourself some hard questions, like ‘Am I going to keep doing this (being a solo entrepreneur)? If so, how?’

(And if that's where you're at, I'd encourage you to just sit with it for a day or two, before reading this page.)

Several years ago, in the midst of asking myself those questions, I encountered a new way of thinking that started to change the way I was planning, pricing and marketing my business.

The work I was doing then—voice coaching & community song events (here at Compassionate Community Voice )—was all about spreading kindness and self-love in the world through the medium of voice.

But my business itself wasn’t being very kind to me. And THAT was the reason I was struggling.

Not because I wasn’t good enough. Not because I didn’t understand how to market myself (I’ve worked in marketing). Not because I hadn’t hired the coach or joined the mastermind (I’m pretty sure I’ve got the equivalent of an MBA through self-directed learning). Not because I wasn’t more out there, more aggressive, more noisy, more different from myself

I was struggling because I hadn’t structured my business to be as kind to me. And I realized this: in the same way that I took so much care in creating a 'safe container' to support a client to vulnerably express their voice for the first time in 20 years. . . I had to create a safe container (my business) to hold that work, to support me.

You don’t have to struggle.

If I’m not lousy at what I do, and if my introverted, can’t-bring-myself-to-talk-b.s.-in-my-marketing-without-being-nauseous personality isn’t the problem, and if I don’t have to be broke to let my love flow through my work (another old, secret fear I absorbed) and the reason I’m struggling is actually because of my business structure, well, that’s something I can fix.

That’s just do-able, roll-up-your-sleeves and be creative sort of stuff. Not marketing fairy dust, or ‘make six figures by tomorrow’ castles in the air. I grew up on the Canadian Prairies. Practical is almost my middle name. So I’ll set to work, and sort it out.

I wrote a new business plan that was more kind-to-me-and-kind-to-my-clients. I read and studied and asked questions of people I admire. I pursued a self-directed, intensive education in online entrepreneurship.  My whole perspective on what I was doing changed.

It felt uncomfortable—and still does, at times. I am constantly learning, and iterating what I do. I needed to learn that ‘no’ from a poor-fitting client (and you know they’re poor-fitting because they’re saying ‘no’) creates space for a right-fitting client. I had to ditch the concept of sales pages and create ‘filter in’ pages, instead. I needed to be OK changing my prices. I had to find ways to navigate risk. And a whole bunch of other stuff that feels scary and courageous and empowering at the same time.

Fast forward through a few years of life, death, love, work and moving house. . .

Life hands you lemons a.k.a. wonderful opportunity.

There came a springtime a few years back, when my partner’s job of 15 years disappeared and our family situation changed, where we hit one of those bumpy excruciating periods that made us re-evaluate everything we were doing for work. And pray—which for me means sing my heart out to whatever powers-that-be are listening, and ground my butt on the couch for some focused meditation.

To make a very long story shorter: the phoenix that arose from those particular ashes was a new company with multiple streams of business, founded by me and my life+business partner, based on School of Kind Business best practices.

I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that finding some clarity out of seeming chaos was--and still is--a process. 

But over time, I have re-organized my work life to provide for my personal priorities:

  • freedom to work--and play--when I choose (right now, my work-week is about 45 hours because I am co-running 3 business streams. I anticipate it will be more like 30 in the future)
  • having the money to live in a small home in a city I enjoy, pay bills each month without worry, pay my ‘extra’ health care bills, wear clothes by sustainable indie designers, buy organic food, keep educating myself, go to happy hour with my friends, and support organizations that matter to me
  • choose the people with whom I’ll work

Essentially, I have structured my service-based business streams to support me, as they support others. This is what we teach at School of Kind Business™

Because it seems to be the goal of a lot of business/marketing  programs, I want to be clear that this isn’t about ‘making six figures’ by next Tuesday. Or ‘multiple six figures’. Or any other (usually large-ish) amount in (an unusually short) period of time.  

It’s about taking the time you need to grow with integrity, and making whatever you need to feel truly supported. It’s about sustainably earning enough. 

You can be quiet and gentle and kind, and also have a business that makes money. 

The School of Kind Business™ is a set of joyful online learning programs for creating a business that helps you work better, earn more and serve your clients whole-heartedly (because your well is full).

It was especially designed for introverts, empaths, sensitive types, and anyone else who is worried you have to be pushy or manipulative or 'sales-y' to run a successful business. Your spidey senses, open hearts, good listening skills, creativity and longing for a kinder world are qualities that will help you build a more sustainable structure to hold the work you do. (And we welcome bold, kind-hearted extroverts here, too!)

It’s about building a holistically kind business. And it’s about true, sustainable wealth. Measured not just in money but in time and energy and well-being. Based on what is ‘enough,’ as determined by you.

At the end of the exercises, you’ll have your own Kind Business Plan, a bag full of marketing ideas, and a to-do list for tackling them in a non-overwhelming way.

The program centres around 12 succinct but essential exercises, presented in easy-to-follow worksheets you can print out or view on your iPad while writing your responses in a journal at your favourite cafe.

Plan for three hours per module (and a glass of bubbles or cup of your favourite tea), each day for a work week (5 business days). If you want to be leisurely about it, you can take a few weeks. But if you are a fire-y type, you could also easily push straight through and write your new 
Kind Business Plan™ in a weekend. Totally do-able!

Who is this program for? 

  • You are a solo entrepreneur and your business is service-based
  • You identify as an introvert, intuitive, shyor all of those. That said, we whole-heartedly welcome extroverts, ambiverts, or any kind of '-verts'!
  • You love your business, you're just not in love with it right now (and you've maybe even thought of breaking up)
  • You are not making enough money - especially given how much of yourself you're putting into it
  • You don't really like the idea of marketing or selling. . . you want to spend your time doing your good work
  • You are excellent at your modality or practice, but struggling with how to communicate your offerings, reach more people, and put systems in place
  • You think you probably 'know all of this' already, but you could use some support & structure to help you stay committed and get it done
  • You are TIRED. . . tired of worry, tired of not taking care of your body, tired of tiredness
  • You've secretly wondered if only more outgoing (aggressive?) people are cut out for financially successful self-employment

Who isn't this program for? 

Like all good things, School of Kind Business isn’t for everybody. You won’t get much out of it if:

  • You’re happy with your pricing, business structure, and website exactly as-is
  • Your pricing or practice is mandated by a governing body so you aren’t able to change your rates, or find other creative outlets to augment your income
  • You are selling products only. SKB curriculum is focused on service-based businesses. Visual artists and musicians who are creating experiences and events might find it helpful, though. 
  • You are a coach, already working with a coach, or have taken every workshop under the sun
  • You aren’t comfortable with the idea of ‘experimenting with a niche’ (or with a few) – it feels too much like fitting into a box
  • You have no idea what kind of work you want to do, OR you don’t have a sense of what problem you solve for people
  • You don’t enjoy self-study, and do better with one-to-one support (in which case, you might prefer the School of Kind Business Tutoring service)
  • You’re still a student in your modality or field, and you won’t be finished training by the end of this calendar year. You are always welcome, but you may get more out of it if you can practice what you learn immediately 

School of Kind Business includes:

-Five learning modules that result in business peace of mind (see details below).

-Access the core worksheets with simple prompts, and the supplementary audio/video lessons, through your private login in the Thinkific platform. The worksheets are downloadable so you can keep them as a template to re-visit as your business evolves.

-Work at your own pace, in your pj's on the couch or at your favourite coffee shop, but still get support with your questions. . .

-FOR SELF STUDY: You are invited to our monthly Q&A Study Halls on Zoom for 90 days after you enroll. You can ask questions about the 12 exercises or any of the theory ideas, there. 

-GROUP COHORT: If you registering for a group program, you will receive instructions on how to join the learning group for this intake.

You will learn skills you'll never un-learn.

Does this sound like it might be for you?

Please make sure that it is a fit for you, before you buy. We don't offer refunds, because refunds and guarantees tend to act as false enticements. We don't want to entice you. Read every word on this page, then just sit for a few breaths, and notice how you feel in your body. In your guts, your heart, your feet. Underneath any excitement or butterflies, is there a solid 'yes' or 'no'? We want you to feel good in your body and commit to giving it your best. The results will depend on where you are right now in your life and in your business, and how you engage with the material. 

For more information on whether this course is for you, please reach out to:

These are the SKB Modules we'll complete.

And they will be downloadable, so you can keep them and revisit them (in fact, we recommend it!)

  • 1
    Module 1: The Things You Love (and Don't)
    • Module 1 Welcome! And getting started
    • Audio Intro: Welcome to SKB Core Curriculum (6.5 mins)
    • Audio Supplement Love and Hate Lists Prompt (4.5 mins)
    • SKB 1 Love and Hate Lists
    • FAQs School of Kind Business PLEASE READ before asking for technical support in any of the Modules
  • 2
    Module 2 Sustainable Pricing
    • Intro Audio Module 2 Some Supportive Thoughts for Working Through These Exercises (under 5 mins)
    • A Helpful Framework + Pre-Exercises. Sometimes this topic brings up our fears, shame, confusion, and worries about inequity. So before diving into the math, we focus on money neutrality, 'enough', sustainability, and the balance of contributing/partaking.
    • Module 2 Intro to Sustainable Pricing
    • SKB 2 The (Un)Scary Numbers
    • SKB 3 Your Dream Pie (or Gluten Free Cake)
    • SKB 4 What The Baker Charges
    • SKB 4.5 Another Possibility
  • 3
    Module 3: Those You Help
    • Module 3 Intro Audio: Imagination, Empathy, Creativity, Giving. When Pamela mentions discussion group she means the monthly Q&A Study Hall! (2.5 mins)
    • Module 3 Intro Those You Help
    • SKB 5 Your Beloved Clients
    • Exercise 5 Audio Supplement: Imagining Your Beloved Client Visualization (10 mins)
    • SKB 6 Give Yourself Away
  • 4
    Module 4: Being of Service
    • Module 4 Intro Audio: Let's Make Some Stuff! (2 mins)
    • Module 4 Intro Being of Service
    • SKB 7 Your New Packages
    • SKB 8 Make Something
    • SKB 9 Delight People
    • SKB 10 Giving Back
  • 5
    Module 5: Telling Your Story & Making Connections
    • Module 5 Intro Audio Supplement: We Made It! Some Ideas How to Get the Most out of This Week + Thank You (7 mins)
    • Module 5 Intro Telling Your Story and Making Connections
    • SKB 11 Get Your (Online) House in Order
    • SKB 12 Invite People Over
    • Lucky 13 Bonus Worksheet Selling is Helping
    • Supplemental About Page Prompts & Ideas
    • Audio Supplement: The Magic Marketplace. As always, if you are in a hurry, this is supplemental. But you might find it useful if marketing or selling has ever felt icky, confusing, shameful or scary. It's a kind, generous reframe. (10 mins)
    • Audio Supplement: Celebrate in Our Cells, Embody Our Successes. In case you need a reminder to celebrate, here are some reminders of ways to nourish yourself wih your own successes. (8.5 mins)

If you read EVERYTHING on this page and it feels good in your body, then please don't wait.

The world needs all of us helpers, helping at full capacity. Every minute you aren't feeling fully supported is a minute that you aren't able to devote your full resources to your work. We learn so much more by rolling our sleeves up, and doing. Let's do this, together.
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