Hello! I'm Pamela, or 'PJ'

Head Instructor here at SKB

I'm lots of different people who own a large collection of actual dresses, and wear many metaphorical hats. Over here I wear my Head Instructor & Maker-of-all-The-Stuff at School of Kind Business costume. It's just possible you are drawn to this course because you're a little bit like me. If you're a quieter, empathic, possibly introverted, non-sales-y type who needs to run a business to solve the problems you're good at solving for people, you'll find some kindred spirits here. Starting with your instructor!
Hello! I'm Pamela, or 'PJ'

What I bring to this space is 20 years’ experience in solo entrepreneurship, holistic health, the arts, marketing, writing, communications and voice

Teaching and facilitating are my jam. The SKB Curriculum is the foundation for the three business streams I run with my partner, so I am living it with you: always learning, iterating and staying curious.

I’m darn good at listening, empathizing, gently helping you see the big picture from a raven's-eye view, then generating some possible ways forward, and focusing in on practical, get-it-done strategy. 

I’m also an introvert who loves being with people when I’m teaching or performing (I sing, too). I value building your business through connecting, filtering in the right folks, being yourself, tapping your innate creativity, and treating your online clients as though they are the member of a close-knit village where you have to see them on the high street, every day. 

Done well, your business can be a beacon for the change you want to see in the world.

Hi there, I'm Teddy

SKB Partner & Instructional Advisor

Another introvert who likes to help kind people generate nourishing work. I bring 15 years' experience in sales, management & entrepreneurship, working with independent contractors and large organizations. (Oh and an MBA that I've almost forgotten about). I currently run an IT staffing firm with my alter-ego, Freddy, at deepnrecruitment.com. In my nonexistent spare time, I write dramatic thriller film scripts. I help with SKB strategy and answering student questions.
Hi there, I'm Teddy

Calling all healers, helpers, teachers & makers

If you are cultivating work that makes your soul sing, solves some real problems for folks AND requires you to run a business: have a read here and see if it resonates.
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