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Imaginative Business Practice Audio Files (under 10 minutes) 

How to Process Discomfort with Your Industry and Turn it to Innovation

Asking for Support: A Visualization for if You are Culturally Allergic to Asking for Help, on a Budget, or Don't Know Who to Ask

Shifting Shame So You Can Show Up in Your Business

Celebrate In Our Cells, Embody Our Successes 

Imagining Your Beloved Clients: A Sensory Support to Copywriting

The Magic Marketplace

Niche Mates We Highly Recommend   

No single business or human can be all things to all people. That is why it is great to have skilled, kind, reliable niche mates. These folks offer things we can't offer, or offer similar things with a different style. 

Amy Walsh of Bureau of Tactical Imagination

Visual storytelling and visionary brand strategy for change-making in your small business. Amy's courses literally changed how we 'show up' in our visuals for SKB. 

George Kao Authentic Advice for Soulful Entrepreneurs

We especially appreciate his affordable, amazing-value courses on some of the technical aspects of business, like Facebook Ads, Google tools, and online content creation.

Mark Silver of Heart of Business

The Learning Community runs on pay-from-the-heart pricing and combines solid business learning modules with nourishing spiritual practice.

Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies

For refining your Niche (big time) and Marketing that feels good (truly). There are a whole bunch of value-priced workbooks on this site. 

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