As a client/student of School of Kind Business (a division of wolfnraven inc.), I understand that any information, teaching, or feedback I receive is the perspective of School of Kind Business and its Instructors, and it is suggestion only. 

I acknowledge that the results I experience will vary between individuals and unique business situations, and that therefore School of Kind Business (wolfnraven inc.) cannot guarantee my results, or be held morally, legally or financially responsible for the consequences of choices I make.

I have fully read the program landing page and I understand that this program does not offer refunds. 

I understand that while each student is required to agree to the Privacy Policy, School of Kind Business (a division of wolfnraven inc.) cannot control the actions of other students, and is not morally, financially, or legally responsible for any consequences that arise out of a student breaching the Privacy Policy, sharing my information, or profiting financially from any information I share in the group discussion forums, Facebook group, Zoom calls, or anywhere else.

I hereby grant my consent to participate in this School of Kind Business (wolfnraven inc.) program, to allow all instructors, mentors, and advisors of School of Kind Business to read , view, listen or otherwise engage with my assignments, and to receive feedback from them. 

I accept full responsibility for my financial, emotional, mental, and physical health and well being in this program, and any effects or results arising as a result of my participation in said program.

I hereby consent to release from responsibility and hold blameless, and declare that I will not now, or at any time in the future initiate any legal action against School of Kind Business or wolfnraven, inc; or against any of its instructors, advisors, or employees.